Welcome to Cocosutra!

Who we are and what we do

COCOSUTRA is a Gourmet Food Company with a variety of ready to eat/quick to serve  food products that aim to make the lives of busy people easy. We are India’s first frozen cookie dough company!

Our product list is carefully curated after surveying the wants of today’s global Indians and identifying gaps in the supply. They are crafted by experts with perfected recipes using all natural ingredients in a hygienic environment. All you have to do is – add your magical final touch and make them your own. Stock up your freezer with our cookie dough and be prepared when cravings strike.Our luscious and exotic hot chocolate blends can satisfy your cravings like no other!

Our flag ship product is Granola, an all-day breakfast cereal made with all natural ingredients and over 20 superfoods in the form of whole grains, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, nut butters, fresh fruit and vegetable puree. Effortless, delicious, nutritious and filling, our artisanal granolas are crafted to be power packed so they can give you the maximum bang for every bite.

Join the revolution in healthy eating with our CEREAL KILLER Granolas!

COCOSUTRA is a venture of Wild Child Enterprises.

Our promise

We run COCOSUTRA with passion keeping you and your families in mind just as we do ours. Our promise of wholesome products made with all natural ingredients is a toast to your health. We are sticklers for quality and responsibility in every aspect of our work. We start by sourcing the highest quality ingredients and maintain high standards in their transportation, storage, preparation, packaging and distribution. We take care to craft our recipes with all natural ingredients and include as much whole grain, fruit puree, dried fruit, nuts and seeds as possible without compromising on the yummy factor. We do not use any stabilizers, preservatives, hydrogenated oils or artificial colors in our products. Our packaging is designed to be customer friendly and space saving with product preview windows, sturdy pouches and easily stackable sturdy cartons. Our website and blogs are fun and educative. Our social campaigns are non-intrusive. And we will always be joyful, gracious and receptive to your feedback.

We will endeavor to continuously improve by learning from best practices the world over while staying committed to our mantra of product taste, quality and consistency.

Thank you for stopping by and here’s a toast to our ride ahead. We assure you Gourmet experiences from our kitchens to yours!

PS: We use a lot of exclamations! We’re just excited to meet you!!!!