Catering and Cafes

Add our delicious offerings to your Cafe, Restaurant or Catering menus and delight your customers. We customise and bulk manufacture to your needs!


We do corporate gifts, welcome and return gifts for birthdays, weddings, baby showers etc., Call us and you will never run out of ideas for any occasion.

Kids into Kitchen (A non-profit initiative aimed to educate, entertain and empower kids)

With urban kids thinking veggies come from supermarkets and milk from milk vans, we’d love to have fun filled sessions on the science, economics and importance of food while achieving our goal of creative and tasty bakes! This will both educate and empower them with renewed appreciation of what goes into food in terms of ingredients, nutrition, time, money, techniques, patience and how each combination of the same can result in totally different outcomes. The twinkle in their eyes when you taste their made-from-scratch treats will be priceless.