Your daily dose of fresh baked Granola, customized to your taste, your quantity and your schedule, delivered at your door step!

Great! Now that you have joined the revolution in healthy eating, we give you subscription packages that are easy and offer you variety at discounted prices. We will ensure that you wake up to fresh baked granola as long as you want it.

  • Never run out of our all day, all natural breakfast cereal
  • Have this excellent gift on hand for any surprise occasions
  • Skip your monthly subscription at any point
  • Free shipping in Bangalore

Want to personalize it further? Want to add our other products to your subscription? Call us and we will help you!

3 Months Subscription – Granola

3 Months Subscription – Granola

Select any 2 flavours from our range of Granolas (500 gm each) 20 servings per Month at 10% OFF ! INR 900 / month INR 2700 / 3 months Call…